Why an Author Website is a Must for Every Self-published Author

As you are probably well aware, one of the biggest hurdles that a new author faces at the beginning of their self-publishing career is that of anonymity.

Your new novel may or may not have me on the seat of my pants, turning each page with anticipation about what will happen next, but am I going to want to take a chance on a novelist that I have never heard of before?

Likewise, you may well have written a helpful and informative book that will solve a problem I am currently facing, but why should I trust you, if I don’t know who you are?

I am afraid that it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, in that you are only going to make a name for yourself once you’ve sold a whole load of books. But you’ll soon discover that it is a lot more difficult to sell those books when you have yet to establish that name.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get your books out there and into the hands of your readers, BEFORE you become well-known.

Strategies such as:

  • Perma-free Books
  • Lead Magnets
  • Front and Back Matter Promotions
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Marketing
  • Guest Post Commenting

However, there is one particular component that is very much central to each of those aforementioned promotional activities.

Namely, the building of your Author Website.

If you haven’t started building your Author Website yet, then I strongly advise that you start doing so today, as I believe it is one of the 4 Key Financial Investments that every self-published author should make.

However, if you want to build an effective author website, which will help power your entire business, then you really ought not to have a mindset of trying to do things on the cheap.

Having the right components in place, such as:

  • A suitable domain name
  • Quality hosting
  • A premium WordPress Theme or Framework
  • An effective sign-up form and/or landing page for your Mailing List
  • The correct email marketing provider

will all play a HUGE part in whether or not you will be able to successfully build up your business as a self-published author. And it is true that this will involve a certain amount of financial investment.

However, although the building of an author website is by no means cheap, the good news is that on the whole this is a one-off investment for all of your future books, compared to the costs involved in Editing your book and Cover Design, which are both ongoing costs for each book you write.

Such is the importance of an author website, I decided to create a course showing an over-the-shoulder, step-by-step guide to how self-published authors can go about building an author website totally from scratch.

In the video below, you can have a look at the type of Responsive Author Website that each of my students are working towards in the course.

The example shown is a non-fiction website in one of my own niches and please remember I will show you how you can create such a website from the ground up, every single step of the way.

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