Perhaps it’s Time for a Walk

We are moving house later this month, leaving our town house and relocating to a huge converted ski chalet, nestled at the bottom of a ski centre and a stone’s throw away from a mountain lake.

Unfortunately, I do not ski (three different operations on cruciate ligaments from playing football, long after I should have been playing football, put paid to that), but I am still extremely excited about the move, because of the scenery, the après-ski and the nearby fine restaurants, but most importantly because I see this as a great opportunity to get fit.

The truth is you don’t get much more of a sedentary occupation than that of a self-published author and my day job of freelance translator is not any better when it comes to sitting at a desk writing for hours at a time.

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for you, but did you know just how bad? I certainly didn’t. Particularly surprising is the effect that a sedentary lifestyle has on women.

Perhaps you should take a look at this video, which is taken from my Writing Productivity Habits course. This is the introductory lecture to the section on Healthy Habits For Writers:

One of the options that is available to all writers and which I believe is not only beneficial for health reasons, but also for the writing process, is a good old fashioned walk.

Let’s face it, us self-published authors are very busy people, especially if you are a part-time writer who also has a day job. After all self-publishing may not just involve writing; it may also include self-editing, designing book covers, formatting books, creating author websites and of course the never ending task of promoting your books.

That is a lot of work to get through, but we must always make sure we are not too busy to go for a walk. Whether that be hiking by woodland streams, Nordic Walking around mountain lakes or simply popping out to buy a newspaper at the local shops.

Writers should always make time for a walk.

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