Incredible Opportunity to Supplement Your Income from Writing

I suppose the dream for many writers is to be able to actually make a living from your craft so that you can eventually give up your day job. Writing full-time means that you are able to write, publish and market more books, which naturally leads to an increase in the money earned from your writing.

Being a full-time self-published author, without a regular 9 to 5 job, can be quite stressful though, if you have a family that you are responsible for and especially if you are the main breadwinner in the household.

This is why I am a great believer in writers not focusing solely on making a living from selling books, but rather from selling their content.

This idea of making a living from your writing, rather than from your books, was the driving force behind the Writer – Teacher, which I have developed into a training course on Udemy. The Writer – Teacher concept enabled me to go from being a part-time writer of books to a full-time writer of content and in doing so allowed me to finally give up my day job!

However, this article is not about writers creating online courses based on their writing, although I do highly recommend that you consider doing this and you may want to begin by checking out the bestselling course on Udemy.

Instead, this article is about another incredible opportunity for writers (as well as teachers, designers and other creatives for that matter), which will allow you to take advantage of your specific skill set to earn a significant online income to supplement the money you currently make from selling books.

The opportunity that I am so excited about is the designing of t-shirts to sell on Amazon.

Now, before you dismiss this opportunity out of hand, because you are not a graphic designer, my advice is to bear with me for a little while longer. Trust me, you will certainly be thanking me later!

The good news is that on the whole the designs that seem to sell best on Amazon do not necessarily need the skill set of a trained graphic designer, but rather the skill set of someone who is creative, especially the skill set of a writer; someone like you!

Perhaps the fiction writers amongst you can put your wordsmith skills to good use and come up with witty slogans for your t-shirts or even include quotes from your most popular characters and, depending on the genre, the characters themselves.

Meanwhile, those non-fiction writers amongst you, who are already an expert in your particular niche, will know what type of t-shirts will more than likely sell well and may even have a fanbase to sell them to.

Indeed, some of the main skills that a self-published author needs to possess, if they are to be in any way successful, such as the researching of niches and keyword phrases and the writing of quality sales copy for your book’s title and description on its Amazon sales page, are the exact same skills required when successfully selling t-shirts on Amazon.

Instead of using KDP or Createspace to publish your books, you will be using another of Amazon’s Print on Demand companies, called Merch by Amazon.

Hopefully, by now I have piqued your interest enough for you to look into this Print on Demand opportunity further and find out if it really is something that a writer might consider. If so, you may well be asking the question, why all the fuss about Print On Demand now? After all, POD t-shirt platforms have been around for well over a decade, ever since CafePress first made an appearance.

The simple answer to that is AMAZON.

And I have provided a more indepth answer to that question in the following video, which is one of the preview videos on my premium Udemy course, A Beginner’s Guide to the Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Business:

In my opinion, Merch by Amazon is quite simply the best opportunity for creatives to earn a substantial income online – and this can begin as a part-time hobby instead of watching a couple of hours of television of an evening.

It really is that easy.

But I am afraid there is a catch…

At the present moment in time, Merch by Amazon is by invitation only. You need to request an invitation to join the program and then wait until you are accepted. This can take anywhere from between a couple of weeks to a couple of months, so my advice is to go and request an invitation as soon as you have finished reading this article.

And while you are waiting for your invitation to be accepted, why not check out the free preview videos of my beginner’s guide and see if my course and Merch by Amazon might, in fact, be a good ft for you.

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