Content Samurai – My “Secret Weapon” for creating Book Promos

One of the questions that I regularly get from students with regards to promoting eBooks, is what software applications do I use for marketing my books on the likes of YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels.

Well, I have actually used three different applications.

Adobe Spark, which is a FREE web and mobile app and for which I have created a course on how to make the most of this software by Adobe.

The second is Camtasia, which I use for both Screencasts, my presentation style lessons and more complex book promos. Again I have created a course called The Writer Teacher, in which I demonstrate exactly how I use Camtasia for creating these various types of videos.

However, the third application that I use is what I believe to be my “secret weapon”, as it is just so quick and easy to use and thus saves me so much time.

I use this software for simple presentation style lessons, but mainly for promotional purposes, such as course and book promos.

And the name of this incredible timesaver is Content Samurai.

I love Content Samurai for many reasons, chief among them is the amount of time this application saves me when creating videos for both simple lessons, sales videos and promo videos for my books and courses.

Content Samurai uses a simple step-by-step approach to create your video.

You begin by adding a script that you have written for the video, or even a converted blog post, and Content Samurai creates a cool looking video presentation from it, complete with animations (such as the Ken Burns effect) and slide transitions.

You are able to use one of the many pre-made themes for your videos or even create your own branded themes.

And Content Samurai will even populate the slides that make up the presentation with Public Domain images, although you can also add you own images too if you so wish.

You also have control over whether you show all, parts of, or none of the text that makes up your script, which means you are able to create book promos (with all of the text hidden), simple lessons (with certain text hidden) or Video Sales Letters (with all text visible).

Once you have completed this stage of the video creation, you are able to insert mini videos, a voice over track and/or a soundtrack.

You can upload your own audio track or record it within Content Samurai itself, and you are able to choose from a number of great sounding royalty free audio tracks.

All in all, there is a lot to love about Content Samurai and it really is possible to create professional looking videos within a matter of minutes.

In fact, the only real negative I can think of is the price tag – at the regular price of $97 per month, it certainly doesn’t come cheap and at that price is probably only worth purchasing if you intend to make regular videos with the software.

Fortunately, I managed to buy into Content Samurai during a promotion and over the past two years it has been worth every penny I paid.

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